Colour Theory & Emotive Landscapes 

with Lisa Collins


24th January - 21st March 2019

(Half Term falls on 21st February)

Thursday mornings: 10.30pm - 12.45pm

An 8 week course 

Price: £180

This 8 week course will be teaching you how to achieve more emotion in your work. Closely looking at how colour theory is used to create a desired mood.  Learning how to see values and making them work for you. A real insight into the importance of structure, light, and pigments.  How they affect each other. 

A play with oils and mediums. 

Finishing with a final piece along side a personal sample booklet to use in future projects. 


You will need a photograph of a landscape, Ideally somewhere you know well. 

A plastic storage box with a lid. No smaller than 12” by 12”. 


All other materials included. 

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