Term starts Fri 20th April!

Sketchbook Club comes to Henley-on-Thames


Term starts: Friday 20th April 2018


9.30 - 11.30am

£180 for the 10 week course

Come and join the Sketchbook Revolution with Sketchbook Club!!  

Over the course of 10 weeks we will be learning new techniques, how to use different materials and loads of clever, creative tricks and tips to help you build up a wonderful body of work in your sketchbook.  


Each week we will be getting stuck into a new project - using templates, copying and colouring to create beautiful drawings, that you can then build on to increase your artistic confidence and create your own designs.  I present the group with the theme for the session - you will see a finished example to guide you as well as full instructions and reference sheets, after that, you are let loose to create your own Masterpiece.  


The wonderful thing about Sketchbook Club, is that after each workshop, every sketchbook is completely different. It’s as free as drawing for yourself, but without the fear of the blank page, or the fear of going wrong - at the end of each session you'll be delighted with your finished result, there’s nothing more satisfying than looking back through your sketchbook and experiencing the pride that it was all created by you and you alone…

The Club has been running successfully all over the UK for the last few years, it's been featured in The Telegraph and The Guardian as 'the hot new thing' and now I'm now delighted to be able to bring it to the artists of Henley!  


For more background on how it all works, have a look at this video, and if you have any more questions, do contact me (details below).

All materials are included, as well as refreshments, and of course, I promise a fun, educational and social couple of hours.


10 places available

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