Philippa James


My name is Philippa, as a documentary photographer, my priority is to always capture a story, whether it’s for couples who want to remember the giddiness from their wedding day, or for parents who want to remember all the strength and vulnerability that comes with family life.


I created 'The Motherhood' Photography Workshops as I wanted to show other mums how to document their everyday madness. I wanted to create a space for mums to come and feel safe, and cosy, and not intimated by scary technical jargon.  Photography is such a massive subject and it’s super overwhelming to try and learn it all in short time.  I teach the technical side of the camera of course, but I then take you one step further and get you to focus on documenting your own story, warts and all!  If you come to one of my workshop you are encouraged to make friends, join my Facebook group, and wear slippers… yep, it’s that cosy!

I live in Oxford with my two daughters Edith and Betsy, and my hairy husband Alex. 



“The difference your workshop has made to my photographs is astonishing, especially the storytelling element. My photo’s now are so much more meaningful and the memories they hold are so precious.  The best thing I’ve ever done is come to your workshop, thank you Philippa”


“Philippa, you have inspired me so much that I’m thinking of changing career.  Seriously, you have opened my eyes wide open, there is so much more to photography than the technical side.  I can’t thank you enough”


“I can see how my previous photos all just look like snaps.  I feel like I’m now taking portraits, proper portraits, thank you”


“I know how to achieve a blurry background!!! It looks amazing, I’m addicted!! Thank you Philippa” 

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