A Portrait Painting Weekend Workshop (Oils or Acrylics) with Mark Draisey
Painting with a photographic reference.
Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May 2020 - 10am - 4pm
In this day and age, it's not often we can put aside a whole weekend to really indulge in our creative practice - so this Workshop is going to be a real treat.  An informal two day class for anyone wanting to learn how to get to grips with Oils or Acrylics.
Due to the limited time and the fact that this is predominantly a study on how to use the paints, this Workshop is aimed at students who have already had some experience in drawing portraits but wish to improve their skills. You absolutely don't need to be an expert - but an understanding of how to draw a face will certainly help.
Mark will start by guiding you through how to create a tonal sketch of the face, then how to observe and mix convincing flesh tones and how to apply them. He will then help you to work on the important features of the face as well as hair and clothing. He will also impart lots of extremely useful information as well as a few, well guarded, tricks of the trade!
What you need to bring:
		A photo of your subject either on an iPad, photo print or inkjet print on quality photo paper with the head measuring no less than 12cm in height. It is essential that the image is clear, well lit and in sharp focus.
		A primed stretched canvas or canvas board/panel suitable for oils, measuring 16” (40cm) or larger in height with as fine a texture as possible.
		A selection of flat, round and/or filbert oil brushes in white or black hog bristle in a range of sizes from 0 to 10. Those using only acrylics please bring synthetic acrylic brushes of a similar selection.
		Sketching pencil 2-6B or a dark brown or grey oil pastel if preferred.
		Windsor & Newton Liquin Fine Detail medium or Refined Linseed Oil. Retarder for acrylics.
		A palette knife for mixing (optional).
		A bottle of recommended artist’s brush cleaning fluid for oils, such as Zest-It. NOT white spirit!
		2 x vessels for your liquids.
		A flat wooden or plastic palette (stay wet palette for acrylics).
		Set of oil/acrylic paints. Bring all the colours you want, but make sure you have Titanium White,
	Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Scarlet or Alizarin Crimson, Phthalo Blue, Van Dyke
	Brown or Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna.
		A tube of acrylic Burnt Sienna and/or Van Dyke Brown for sketching.
		Cotton rags or tissues for brush cleaning and a bar of soap.
		Protective clothing.
		Notebook optional if you wish to jot down a few tips.

Age 17+ (no exceptions - for more info. on our Young Adult courses, click here: Young Adults Workshops)
Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
For any questions about booking a place on this workshop please email: studio@thehenleyschoolofart.com
For any questions specifically about the details of this workshop, please email our tutor Mark at: mark@markdraisey.com

PLEASE NOTE: as of March 2020 we have had to add VAT to all our prices - to minimise this added expense for you, we have lowered our workshop and course prices before added the 20%.  This means the prices are a little bit higher, but we (the school and tutor) have absorbed some of the extra cost. We apologise for the slight price increase.

A Portrait Painting Weekend Workshop (Oils/Acrylics) with Mark Draisey (May)

  • For more info on Mark click here: Mark Draisey