A Still Life Painting Workshop (Oils or Acrylics) with Mark Draisey


Saturday 27th June 2020 - 10am - 4pm

This easy to follow class will show how to sketch out and paint a strong convincing still life painting in oils or acrylics.


Mark will not only instruct you in simple stages how to correctly observe the objects and create a beautiful painting, but also how to best arrange and light a still life of your own. He will use both verbal instructions and demonstrations to show you the various techniques you will require.


The lesson will also inform you on how to look after your brushes correctly.


What you need to bring:


  • A primed stretched canvas or canvas board/panel suitable for oils or acrylics measuring no smaller than 30cm along its longest side.

  • A selection of flat, round and/or filbert oil brushes made from white or black hog bristles in a range of sizes from 2-10. Those working in acrylics should bring equivalent synthetic brushes.

  • A sketching pencil or oil pastel.

  • Windsor & Newton Liquin Fine Detail medium or Refined Linseed Oil (Retarder for acrylics).

  • A palette knife for mixing (optional).

  • A recommended artist’s brush cleaner for oils, such as Zest-IT.

  • 2 x small vessels for holding liquids.

  • A flat wooden or plastic palette, or stay wet one for acrylics.

  • A good selection of oil paints of your choosing, but try to include an even spread of yellows,

    greens, blues, reds and browns.

  • A tube of acrylic Burnt Sienna and/or Van Dyke Brown.

  • Cotton rags or tissues for brush cleaning and a bar of soap.

  • Protective clothing.

  • An optional notebook for jotting down tips.

    This class is for both beginners and intermediates.


Age 17+ (no exceptions - for more info. on our Young Adult courses, click here: Young Adults Workshops)


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


For any questions about booking a place on this workshop please email: studio@thehenleyschoolofart.com


For any questions specifically about the details of this workshop, please email our tutor Mark at: mark@markdraisey.com

A Still Life Painting Workshop (Oils/Acrylics) with Mark Draisey (June)

  • For more info on Mark click here: Mark Draisey