An Introduction to Creative Writing, an 8 week morning Course With Laura Healy





3rd October - 28th November (half term falls: 31st October)

Thursday mornings: 10.30 - 12.30pm

An 8 week guided, Creative Writing Course 

This is a course that's designed for new & aspiring writers who are seeking inspiration or even guidance on getting started. 


Over the eight weeks, this course teaches you to look at both poetry & fiction, as well as guiding you to think about all the crucial elements needed to free you up to write creatively.


Providing gentle feedback, each class gives budding writers a real chance to explore their own ideas as well build the confidence to find their own voice.


This is a great opportunity to 'test the waters' with a skill you might have always kept dormant - why not have a go and see what genius comes out?!


Age 18+ (no exceptions - for more info. on our Young Adult courses, click here: Young Adults Workshops)

Places are non-refundable and non-transferable.

An Introduction to Creative Writing (daytime) with Laura Healy - 8 week

  • All our tutors are self-employed which means that if a student cancels, the tutor loses out.  We ask that you make extra sure that you are able to make the dates of this course before booking as we regret, we are unable to offer refunds.