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Designed for adults but suitable for all ages.


this class will cover: 


Which pencils to use and what all the different grades mean

Which paper to use

How to hold a pencil

Shading basics

How to use a rubber for more than just erasing

Blending tools and how to use them


This introduction workshop is a short tutorial on how to get started with drawing.  I hear so often that people would love to be able to draw, but they wouldn't know where to start.  Well, THIS is where you start.


In this online class, you'll learn all the basic steps you'll need to be able to pick up a pencil at any time/any place and enjoy some drawing practice.  Really all one needs in life is a bit of skill, lots of practice and bags of enthusiasm!!



Beginners: Learn to Draw with Pencil, the basics - with Jo Harris, 20 mins