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What you will need:


a sheet of lino

cutting tools

basic roller

wooden spoon (optional)

piece of perspex or ink tray


Recommended Amazon tools and kits:


Whole kit (Which includes ink and also has a stamp making tool, which looks pretty fun!)


Wooden Carving tool


Plastic Carving tool (these are the ones we use for teaching in the studio - basic, but effective)


Speedball lino


Softcut lino


I do recommend getting a 'kit' when you're starting off - it's a much cheaper way of making sure you've got all the equipment you need, rather than buying it all individually.



40 mins



Designed for adults but suitable for all ages (please note, the tools are very sharp, so children MUST be supervised).


Beginners: Linocut Printmaking at home, the basics - with Jo Harris, 40 mins