Introduction to Creative Papercutting with Christine Green
Friday 30th October: 10am - 4pm
In case you haven't noticed, paper cutting is THE craft of the moment! It is everywhere; shop displays, book covers and even crockery. Of course it's actually been around for a very long time and has a long and rich history all over the world, from Mexico to China (via Poland), from Matisse to Rob Ryan (via Lotte Reiniger!). 
Join Christine for this wonderful day workshop and master the basics of this highly rewarding, low cost craft.
Be inspired by Polish paper cuts, Haitian metal cut outs and wooden fret work; examples of these and more will be provided to fire your imagination. Get to grips with decorative lettering and learn to design specifically for paper cutting. Christine will teach you how to wield a scalpel safely, accurately and creatively. Perfect as personalised gifts, greetings cards and framed artworks, you will produce several pieces to take home.
Open to both beginners and those with experience.
You will get to grips with using lettering and simple imagery creatively and produce a Paper Cut panel unique to you. Great fun and just a little addictive!

PLEASE NOTE: as of March 2020 we have had to add VAT to all our prices - to minimise this added expense for you, we have lowered our workshop and course prices before added the 20%.  This means the prices are a little bit higher, but we (the school and tutor) have absorbed some of the extra cost. We apologise for the slight price increase.

Introduction to Creative Papercutting with Christine Green (Oct)

  • You can find out more about Christine here: Christine Green