Make your own Christmas Wreath (with Cake!) with Jo Wise of Floral Circus


Daytime: Saturday 14th December


2pm - 4.30pm


We don't know how we've managed it, but this year we've got the AMAZINGLY talented Jo Wise doing our annual Wreath Making Workshop!!


Jo's designs are well-known for their Artistic flair and imagination and, having been on one of her Wreath Making workshops before, I can tell you she brings a lot of that, and more, to these glorious sessions.


The choice of materials is mostly freshly picked, natural, interesting and beautiful - Jo caters for those who want to go wild and off-piste as well as those who prefer to get lost in a beautiful, traditional wreath. It's a wonderful 2 and a half hours, with delicious festive smells and happy faces all round, plus you get an envy-making wreath at the end of it!!


Come and spend some time in the studio, messing about with festive foliage and creating a beautiful, utterly unique wreath, all of your own design.


Jo is an excellent tutor, fun, unflappable and inspiring - she can make even the most uncreative person produce something beautiful.


Last year our Wreath Making Workshops sold out so fast it made our heads spin - if you're thinking about it, please do book in advance - we hate disappointing people and these workshops are going to sell out fast.


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Make your own Christmas Wreath (with Cake!) with Jo Wise of Floral Circus

  • For more info on Jo click here: Jo Wise