Portrait Painting & Capturing Character in Oils or Acrylics from a live model with Mark Fennell RBSA


Sunday October 6th - 10am - 4pm

An inspiring painting day course for beginners or intermediate levels, if you are looking to try a portrait for the first time or improve your portrait painting skills.  Mark will demonstrate and guide you through his well structured approach to painting a portrait, breaking it down into easy to follow steps that will 

cover everything from the colour palette and mixing skin tones to working tonally developing the structure of the head and creating a good likeness.


This workshop is suitable for the beginner or intermediate levels.


What you need to bring


  • A pre-primed canvas or gesso primed panel for oils or suitable board for acrylics, minimum size 16”x14”.
  • Oil painters, a selection of long handled short flat hog paint brushes in a range of sizes from 2 - 12, also a long handled small round brush size 1.  Brushes must be suitable for oil painting and not water colour/sable brushes.
  • If you are painting in acrylics, you’ll need a selection of long handled short flat synthetic acrylic paint brushes in a range of sizes from 2 - 12, also a long handled small round brush size 1. 
  • Palette knifes Winsor and Newton sizes 20 and 22 or similar.
  • For oil painters, Zest it low odour thinners or similar and linseed oil or Liquid original and a dipper pot.
  • Good size flat mixing palette suitable for oils or a stay wet palette for acrylics.
  • Oil colours or acrylics as follows - titanium white, naples yellow, cadmium yellow pale, yellow ochre,  cadmium red, alizarine crimson, burnt sienna, french ultramarine.
  • A good sized jar to hold either white spirit or water for cleaning brushes.
  • Oil painters, low odour white spirit for cleaning brushes.
  • Cloths or tissues to clean brushes.
  • Fine mist water sprayer for acrylics painters.


Paint, brushes, standard wooden mixing palettes and low odour thinners can be supplied for use on the day at an additional cost of £10. 


Students will have to bring their own canvases or boards, palette knives, stay wet palette, a jar for low odour thinners and cloths or tissues to clean brushes. 


Age 17+ (no exceptions - for more info. on our Young Adult courses, click here: Young Adults Workshops)


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


For any questions about this workshop, please email Mark at: markfennellart@gmail.com

Portraits, Capturing Character in Oils/Acrylics (live model) with Mark Fennell

  • For more info on Mark click here: Mark Fennell