Printmaking Practice Club


Monthly Printmaking Practice Sessions - Unguided


Saturday February 1st 2020

1.30pm - 6.15pm

(times vary from month to month depending on what's going on at the studio that weekend)


Once a month we hold something we like to call a 'Printmaking Practice Club'.  It's a chance to come and have a mess around with Printmaking for a nice long amount of time in a lovely space with other amateur Printmakers. 


What better way to forget the stress of normal life then to spend time in a beautiful studio, with like minded people, getting lost in creativity?  So many of our Printmaking students lack the space at home or the time to create unhindered - here we offer space, materials, great company, music, biscuits and tea.  There is no tuition, but we've all been on the same courses and workshops and have varying degrees of expertise - the idea is to help each other along as we each get on with our own projects.


We have materials, ink and tools for linocut printmaking, but only the bare minimum, so if you'd like to have a go at something more adventurous, we heartily encourage bringing your own bits and pieces.  We do have a small press and can provide paper to mess around with.  If you're wanting to explore fabric printing, please note, we don't keep any fabric at the studio (we don't have the storage!), so that would be something you would need to provide yourself.


If you are a professional Printmaker and fancy creating with a group of happy people, you'd be most welcome too (and we promise to try and not badger you for information!).


These sessions will never have more than 10 artists per group in order to stop the sessions feeling squashed.


If the session runs over lunchtime:


Lunch is, sadly, not provided - but there are plenty of places near the studio to buy a sandwich or salad - or you could bring a packed lunch and keep it in our fridge.  Teas, coffee and biscuits are in abundant supply...


Please note, we hate disappointing our artists and these sessions do sell out in advance so please do make sure you book early!


Age 17+ (no exceptions)


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Printmaking Practice Club (Feb) with Jo Harris - unguided