Screen Printing for Young Adults (13-18yrs) with Roseanna Clare


Friday 1st November


10.00am - 12.45pm


Screen printing is a fun and easy way to create great images. You can make simple stencils and shapes or detailed graphics and by pulling ink though a mesh screen, it’s not only quick but gives you the opportunity to be creative with layers and colours


In this morning workshop the student will have free use of several pre-prepared screens. There will be shapes and patterns to experiment with and really let the creativity flow. We’ll be starting with a quick overview on screen printing do’s and dont's and after that there'll be no stopping them!


Each student will be creating several paper prints from postcard sizes up to A3 - with experimental layering and “collaging” of the images and colours to make completely unique prints to take home.


All materials are provided.


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Young Adults only 13-18’s


(Please note, there will be an adults T-shirt printing Workshop coming up in 2020)

Screen Printing for Young Adults (13-18yrs) with Roseanna Clare

  • All our tutors are self-employed which means that if a student cancels, the tutor loses out.  We ask that you make extra sure that you are able to make the dates of this course before booking as we regret, we are unable to offer refunds.