Silver Clay Jewellery Workshop with Wendy Penrose


Saturday 22 Aug 10.00am - 4pm


Silver clay looks and feels like porcelain clay but, when fired, it becomes 99.9% pure silver. Because you don’t need expensive tools to work with it, you can easily practise what you learn at home. Developed in Japan in the 1990’s the clay is made of very fine powdered silver, combined with an organic binder and water. This allows you to roll it out, texture it, cut it and form it in moulds very easily. Once dry the clay is then fired using a small torch which initially burns away the binder leaving just the silver. Heating for a further 3 mins in the flame is sufficient to sinter the atoms of silver together to form a solid piece of metal. This is so pure that it can be hallmarked as Fine Silver. The process feels like Alchemy and the results are beautiful.


Included in the price of the class is 10g of metal clay which is sufficient to make a pendant and, with the left over clay, a pair of drop earrings. You will have the choice of one of three options of pendant design all of which will be talked through before you go ahead with the excellent guidance of Wendy.


Age 17+ (no exceptions - for more info. on our Young Adult courses, click here: Young Adults Workshops)


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


If you have any questions specifically about this Workshop, please email the tutor directly: Wendy Penrose




Silver Clay Jewellery Workshop with Wendy Penrose (Aug)

  • All of our glorious tutors are self-employed which means that if a student cancels and we are unable to fill the space, this leaves our tutor in the lurch – missing out on one student’s fees can have a big impact on a tutor’s income. Please be considerate. We ask that you make extra sure that you are able to make the dates of this course before booking as we regret, we are unable to offer refunds.  We reserve the right to cancel a class in unusual circumstances. We try to avoid this wherever possible, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. In this situation, of course, a full refund will be given. We're sorry but the Henley School of Art can not be financially responsible for extreme weather conditions or any other situations that are out of our control.