Still Life: A one day Drawing Workshop for Beginners & Improvers with Mark Draisey


Saturday 4th April 2020 - 10am - 4pm

This is a class for beginners who wish to learn how to observe objects correctly and produce a convincing still life drawing.


Mark will take you through a simple process of capturing the shapes and form of each of the still life objects provided. He will also instruct you on how to see shadow and tone, helping you to shade or cross-hatch your drawing correctly. His lesson will also provide tips on arranging and lighting future still lives.


What you need to bring:

  • A4 or A3 cartridge drawing paper either in loose sheets or a pad, in white or light colours if preferred.

  • A set of graphite pencils ranging in softness from 2B to 6B, or charcoal if preferred.

  • A good quality pencil eraser.

  • Pencil sharpener or knife.

  • Some loose sheets of cheap A4 paper.

  • Fixative if using charcoal/chalks.


Age 17+ (no exceptions - for more info. on our Young Adult courses, click here: Young Adults Workshops)


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


For any questions about booking a place on this workshop please email:


For any questions specifically about the details of this workshop, please email our tutor Mark at:

Still Life: A Drawing Workshop using traditional methods - Mark Draisey (April)

  • For more info on Mark click here: Mark Draisey