Storybook Paper Dresses - a one day Workshop with Jennifer Collier


Saturday 22nd February 2020


10am - 4pm.


I'm pretty sure it's not just me who has hung on to childhood books because of the captivating, nostalgic illustrations, or old letters/ envelopes where friends have doodled or written notes or the stamps were too beautiful to throw away - all those boxes of precious bits of paper that never see the light of day - why not turn them into a piece of art?


We are SO lucky to have the brilliant paper artist Jennifer Collier coming to teach at the HSA, she's a much sought-after artist, always incredibly busy and on top of that, she really does live quite far away, so this is a real treat to get her at the studio!


Jennifer will reveal the secrets to her incredible skill and let you in on a few of the traditional hand & machine stitch techniques she employs to create her Paper Masterpieces. 


The really great news is that you don't have to be amazing with a sewing machine - some of the work will need some machining (sewing machines provided) but it's nothing too serious. So don't panic if it's been a long time since you sat down at one! 


All of Jennifer's Workshops are completely accessible and non-threatening and all teach a simple range of hand and machine techniques so people can pick the bits they want to do and leave out the parts they don't.


Bring along your favourite books, letters, sheet music, wedding vows, love notes & papers to incorporate into your work. (Other inspiring paper materials will be provided if you don't have anything at home you want to use)


Please note, there will not be time to frame our finished pieces on the workshop.


Age 17+ (no exceptions - for more info. on our Young Adult courses, click here: Young Adults Workshops)


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.



Storybook Paper Dresses - a one day Workshop with Jennifer Collier (Feb)

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