Suzie Q DeMarco


I am a Wycombe based Designer, Creator of Theatrical Costumery and Artisan Puppet and Props Maker.

My practice: I have explored many artistic avenues over the last few years, including:

Painting with everything from Acrylics to Facepaints,


Make-up Artistry

Digital Graphic Design


Sewing / Costume-making

Performing on the stage


All of these have provided me with lessons that have led to my current speciality in providing for the artistic needs of the Theatre. I have contributed to no fewer than 12 productions, over the last 3 years, that have taken me on tour across England and Europe.  I'm often asked about my puppets and how I go about making them - for me, passing the knowledge on is part of the joy of it all, so I am seizing the opportunity to share my love and knowledge with my workshops.  



Phone 07912521024