Would you like to learn how to write beautifully using a nib and ink to create your own Christmas cards and tags?

Join Louise Ralphs from LouPaper Calligraphy for our online Christmas Special:


Modern Calligraphy Workshop

You will learn the art of modern calligraphy, using a nib and ink, mastering the basic strokes and practising letterforms. This class is designed for complete beginners, starting with shapes and strokes, then moving on to letterforms and by the end of the class joining up letters.

The cost of £45 per two hour session includes your very own calligraphy starter kit (worth £20); a jar of black ink and metallic gold ink, pen, nib, practice papers, clipboard and blank cards, along with a workbook of exercises and tips, so you can continue practising after the workshop.

The Kit


Christmas themed, in this workshop, you’ll learn to create beautiful Christmas cards and tags to wow your friends and family. This class is perfect for those looking to unlock their creativity and explore the art of calligraphy, with a festive feel.

Lou will be joining us for two sessions:

A morning session on: 4th December, 10am - 12pm


An evening session on: 11th December, 7pm - 9pm

To join us, click on either of the dates below:

Morning Session

Morning Online Xmas Calligraphy (4th Dec)
04 Dec 2020, 10:00 GMT
Online Zoom Event

evening Session

Evening Online Xmas Calligraphy (11th Dec)
11 Dec 2020, 19:00 GMT
Online Zoom Event