from 13 to 18

A lot of what we've been doing at the studio so far has been trial & error and it's been proving a VERY effective way to learn what our community most wants.  It's become more & more apparent that there's a young person's demographic that can really get overlooked when it comes to creative activities & we've decided that's just not on.


So we're providing workshops for young adults from 13 - 18 years old - we believe this is an age range that truly wants to learn artistic skills & have a really good explore of their own, burgeoning creative talents.  With that in mind we are providing some slightly more 'grown up' Workshops and Courses for our young students to get their teeth stuck into. 


We'll be adding many more in 2020, we're just starting off with a few to see how we get on.  We're still learning & we'd love to hear any feedback/suggestions/ideas etc.  We're nothing here without communication from you, so let us know what you think!


In the meantime, we hope you like our selection of Workshops...

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