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Cath Baldwin

I have been working and exhibiting, both locally and nationally, for about 15 years now, generally showing prints and occasional work in other media. Inspiration comes from all over the place; a headline in a newspaper, An overheard conversation, a line in a book or something said by one of my children. Often my work has a humorous by-line, the title giving an insight into whatever was currently on my mind, which can frequently border on the ridiculous.


I am fortunate in having a working space at home, although furnished with rather old printing equipment. However, it enables me to work whenever I choose and to produce small runs of limited edition prints. More recently I have become (re)interested in ceramics and am having lots of fun combining print approaches with 3D surfaces.


Teaching also plays a big part in my life, again something I have been involved with for longer than I care to recall! Despite this I still gain a great deal of pleasure in meeting new people and introducing them to new ideas and methods of making art.


I am a member of the Whiteknights Studio Trail - a walking tour of artist’s studios around the Reading University area – and this weekend is always one of the highlights of my exhibiting calendar, when I look forward to having several hundred people drop in, say hello, and have a look at my new work.


Examples of my work and further information about the weekend can be found at:

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