Online Unguided

 life Drawing


A beautiful session full of colour, shape and form. Antonio combines strength and elegance and is a total joy to draw!

Lady Coquine

Colourful, fun & dynamic, get ready for poses that are full of character & beauty. This is a fantastic & inspiring session!


A stunning session with the extraordinary Nasim bringing unique flavour & shapes to the screen.

Full figure & portrait poses - brilliant!

Trixie Divine

The ever WONDERFUL, talented & funny Trixie is modelling in this fantastically fun & dynamic session!

Naomi Wood

Naomi is treating us to stripy stocking and bloomer wonderfulness in this session - pure joy!


Super fun & fancy fully clothed session in period costume. Great sense of character & lovely shapes!

João David

We have the glorious João David modelling for us, all the way from Portugal!

Anna Sophia

We will NEVER tire of drawing the gorgeous Anna Sophia, and we're sure you won't either!

Sylvana Cecilia

Aerial performer, dancer and model Sylvana offers us this spectacular life drawing class.

Ivory Lovelust

Always amazing, always a total joy to draw, Ivory brings colour, character and dynamic poses a plenty!


Colour & dynamic shapes a plenty with interesting & challenging perspective poses thrown in for good measure!


A superbly exciting and interesting session with Luca around the pole. Beautiful character & strong shapes. 


Beautiful poses with our glorious model - a total joy to draw!

Black Peppa

An unmissable session full of unusual lines and beautiful character. Black Peppa is a dream to draw!

Naomi Wood

Another glorious session with Naomi and this time she's channelling 

Titiana to bring us stunning etherial visuals.

Emily Metalskin

Spectacular & Truly Unmissable! 

Please note the link to the specially curated Spotify playlist to enhance your enjoyment of this life drawing extravaganza!


Beautifully styled throughout, Evie brings

a vintage flavour that is simply irresistible to draw! Get ready to be fully inspired in this glorious session!


An absolute beauty of a session that was recorded live from India. Bolt brings a unique vibe that proves irresistible to draw!

Andrea Morani

It's all about classical shapes and dynamic poses with the

wonderful Andrea bringing all the Italia feels to this session.

Markee de Saw

A drawing session like no other with the extraordinary Markee. Expect costume, cabaret & musical performance with a difference!

Anna Sophia

She's an HSA favourite for very good reason! Fantastically fun & dynamic poses in this joyful session.



A dynamic and beautiful session with our fantastic model Marquise. An artist himself, Marquise knows how to create poses that you'll want to draw for days!

Lilith Devine

Fun, elegant and completely beautiful to draw! This burlesque-themed session will brighten your drawings up no end - ENJOY!