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With Jo Harris

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If you, or someone you know, might benefit from having some time with an experienced Artist and Teacher to boost your Creative Skills, give you generous encouragement & confidence to get you kick-started (even if you're a complete beginner), banish Artist's Block, motivate you or prepare for Art School/Exhibition applications - then, you're most definitely in the right place.

I think it's one of the most uncomfortable and frustrating feelings there is, to have the desire & passion to CREATE, but not have the first clue how to begin. It's intimidating and debilitating - even if you're already an experienced Artist - that Creative Block can be a real party pooper!

As a practising Artist myself, with almost 30 years of creative experience, 10 years of teaching and having started and run the Henley School of Art, I feel confident to say that I have never met a Student or Artist I couldn't help.


I am lucky enough to teach from a beautiful, purpose-built Art Studio in Henley and I encourage my students to visit me there - I have a lifetime of materials to hand, reams of paper at my disposal and all my reference books to explore. However, if getting out is tricky, I'm always happy to discuss the possibility of travelling to you.


I teach from age 14 upwards and can provide all the materials and refreshments needed for the session. I like to give my students as much useful knowledge and information as I can possibly jam into our session and will always advise on projects to continue on with, artists/exhibitions that might inspire and materials that might be worth exploring etc.

I LOVE my job and have been told that it's reflected in my teaching - I really enjoy passing on knowledge and seeing the magic work in real time AND I love meeting and working with new students (as well as my wonderful regulars of course!).


  • A Beginners guide to getting started, looking at materials, what they do, how to use them, what paper works best with which material - a breakdown of basic drawing techniques to practice and get you on your way.

  • GCSE/A'LEVEL Students needing help/inspiration with their coursework.

  • Students wanting to master/deep dive into specific techniques.

  • Regular students who want to commit to a programme of classes to give them a good grounding in a number of creative skills.

  • Practising Artists who are experiencing artist's block or general lack of inspiration.

  • Exploring Multi-media, help getting out of a drawing/creative comfort zone.

  • Application to Art School.

  • Preparation for Competitions/Exhibitions.

  • One off skill boosting sessions.

  • And more, am happy to accommodate most requests (of the artistic kind!)



I charge £55p/h and have a minimum booking slot of 2 hours

(total cost for a regular session: £110).

If you're interested in booking a course of 2 hour sessions in blocks, the hourly rate is reduced as follows:

Pre-booking a block of 5x2 hour sessions: £50p/h

Pre-booking a block of 10x2 hour sessions: £45p/h


Please note - all block booked courses will need to be paid in advance

If you know of other students who would like to form a group (maximum 6 students) the price per student would be altered as follows:

For a group of 2 people: £45p/h per person

For a group of 3 people: £35p/h per person

For a group of 4 - 6 people: £25p/h per person

If you'd like to discuss booking a session in, please contact me either by email:

Or by phone: 07748 567 250

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"Not drawn since high school and now in my 60’s. Thank you, loved every minute - back to drawing albeit rusty!"

"Thank you Jo, you have been an incredible help in confidence building, technique and so much more."

"Thank you Jo, that was a totally fab class yesterday. I just love your approach, your youthful enthusiasm, and fun!"

"It's brought so much joy back to my weeks, life's been so stressful and busy and it's a few hours just for me to sit down and work on something and experiment and play!"

"A big thank you for yesterday’s class. I thoroughly enjoyed trying new things. Lots of fun."



...well, I thoroughly admire your commitment - and if you'd like to know a bit more about me and the work I produce as an Artist, you could have a click on the image below and it will take you my page.

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