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Online Creative Sessions


for corporate, Schools & Parties

"We asked the HSA to run a large group to encourage our teams to get out of their daily routines and comfort zones and to try something completely new and different. It was such a success and really made us start the week with energy, creativity and joy."  

C.S - Fashion Buyer, John Lewis

At the HSA we've embraced Online Creativity with enthusiasm and, inspired by our Online Life Drawing & Animal Life Drawing sessions, we have designed uplifting, engaging classes to inspire individuals, create a fun activity & connect teams.

We understand the power of engaging the artistic side of the brain and the impact this can have on both positivity and productivity. It's like a brain-vacation...with drawing!

Red Oil Paint
Tube of Blue Paint
Yellow Oil Paint


All Creative Classes are presented Live via Zoom or Teams, depending on your business or school's preference. 

By emailing us at we begin the process of discussing what type of Creative Class is suitable for you:

Paint Artist


We have various options to inspire your team and give creative respite from the stresses of hectic work schedules. In a time where it has never been more important to take care of our mental wellbeing, we can offer a solution that helps nurture the health of your staff whilst also taking care of your business - after all there's no wealth without Mental Health!

One-off events or block-bookings are available by arrangement, please feel free to contact us at:

Art Class


We love working with young artists! Engaging creativity and imagination at school age is a thoroughly rewarding and fun experience, for everyone!

We offer Animal Life Drawing Sessions where tutor Holly Surplice walks children through fun and engaging drawing exercises that familiarise individuals with drawing an animal, without worrying about the end result. Children are liberated by drawing with their opposite hand, or without looking at their paper, or drawing an upside down polar bear!

We draw from exceptional wildlife imagery sourced from renowned Wildlife Film-makers & Photographers, drawing the audience in before we've even picked up our pencils.


We can draw anything from Polar Bears to Orangutans, Guinea Pigs to Penguins and sessions run for approximately 45mins. 

One-off events or Block bookings are available by arrangement, please feel free to contact us at:

"This workshop totally exceeded my expectations! My class were engaged from the get-go and we loved the warm-up drawing challenges where we had to draw with our eyes closed, upside-down and using negative spaces. Holly guided us through how to draw a polar bear, showing us how to use shapes and lines. The live footage was amazing and the children were in awe. I spent the whole lesson with a huge smile on my face and the end results were just fantastic! What I loved, was that Holly went at a pace that suited us, she repeated instructions if I asked and slowed everything right down when needed. I would definitely recommend a virtual art class with Holly, it was as good as if she’d been in the same room! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟   MRS ALLAN & YEAR 3" 

Artist with Paintbrushes
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