"Discussing your work with Holly is a bit like having a chat with your best mate, (if your best mate was actually an incredibly experienced artist and picture book maker!)" KATIE EVERETT

We at HSA have embraced Online Creativity like no other and inspired by our Online Life Drawing & Animal Life Drawing sessions, we have designed uplifting and engaging classes to inspire individuals & connect teams.

We understand the power of engaging the artistic side of the brain and the impact this can have on both positivity and productivity. It's like a brain-vacation...with pictures!


All Creative Classes are presented Live via Zoom or Teams, depending on your business or school's preference. 

By emailing us at we begin the process of discussing what type of Creative Class is suitable for you:


We have various options to inspire your team and give creative respite from the stresses of hectic work schedules. In a time where it has never been more important to take care of our mental wellbeing, we can offer a solution that helps nurture the health of your staff whilst also taking care of your business - after all there's no wealth without Mental Health! Engaging in a new activity that activates another part of the brain is the smart way to greater productivity. Individuals feel uplifted & energised having participated in our sessions, ready to tackle tasks with renewed vigour and a positive, creative outlook.



This is a hugely fun and instructive two hour workshop where we walk you through how to draw the human figure.


Using one of our wonderful life-models who can model nude or semi-nude, we draw in real time using exercises and sharing techniques to demystify the art of figure drawing. ANYONE can draw and anyone can learn to draw the human figure - you'll be amazed at what can be achieved in this workshop! 

We can design a class that requires nothing more than pencil and paper, or, we can cater to provide each person with a bespoke HSA Creative Kit that introduces artist-quality tools that work with set exercise in the class. 


The benefits of being exposed to nature is widely known, so just think what the benefits of drawing it can do!


By using footage & photography from some of the worlds leading wildlife filmmakers, our tutor Holly Surplice walks you through fun drawing exercises that leave no time for worrying about not being able to draw, and no doubt that drawing animals is brilliant fun!

This is the perfect lunch hour workshop and is timed from 45mins to 1hr. No fancy equipment is needed, just a pencil and plenty of paper


"This workshop totally exceeded my expectations! My class were engaged from the get-go and we loved the warm-up drawing challenges where we had to draw with our eyes closed, upside-down and using negative spaces. Holly guided us through how to draw a polar bear, showing us how to use shapes and lines. The live footage was amazing and the children were in awe. I spent the whole lesson with a huge smile on my face and the end results were just fantastic! What I loved, was that Holly went at a pace that suited us, she repeated instructions if I asked and slowed everything right down when needed. I would definitely recommend a virtual art class with Holly, it was as good as if she’d been in the same room! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Mrs Allan and Year 3" 


By calling on her wealth of experience and passion for visual communication, Holly is an enthusiastic and perceptive tutor who communicates constructively with individuals to help them further their individual creative pursuits. 

So what's a creative consultation, and who's it for?

Think of it as having someone there to guide you with constructive critique and advice to help grow your own creative skill set in a way that is personal to you as an individual. There is no copy and paste instruction here, one of Holly's skills is identifying and exploring individual's strengths and weaknesses and helping to guide them with helpful, tangible advice and instruction.


You may be a new creative or a seasoned professional, we all need a helping hand and a fresh pair of eyes at times to help in the creative process.


Perhaps you feel too close to a project and an unbiased point of view is just what is needed to push past that creative block.


You could be new to the shiny new world of Creativity and be feeling rather intimidated and and lost within the sea of constant exposure of other artists and their creativity.

Holly can help with picture book development, portfolio preparation, character development, project critique and unlocking creative blocks. She's also just the person to help navigate your way through your illustration degree...

"The help you gave me on Monday was sooo useful! I found my tutorial quite fun for the first time ever, cos I actually knew what I was doing!" KP

how does it work & what does it cost?

All consultations at this time are done via the magic of Zoom.


Initial sessions for new clients are 1.5hrs long & priced at £110.

This price is inclusive of time spent by Holly reviewing any work that the client wants to send through in advance to give an overview of their work and any project they are seeking help with. 

Follow up sessions are 1hr and priced at £55.

New work & progression is discussed and evaluated. Concerns are addressed and goals are set! 

To book a Creative Consultation with Holly, please email