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Online Life Drawing & Portrait Drawing classes

for Adult (and Teenage) Beginners

Learn the Basics & have Fun!

(also suitable for improvers)

If you've always wondered how on earth to draw the body,

or capture a likeness when drawing a face,

but just never known how...

Then THESE are the Workshops for YOU!

We love Drawing at the HSA, particularly Life and Portrait drawing, we really believe it to be the bedrock of nearly ALL artistic practice - if you can draw a human, you can pretty much draw anything!  



You may have seen our Unguided Life Drawing sessions, with all the incredible models we've been drawing, but couldn't join in because you didn't know how.  Well, we think it's time to give you the right tools!!

We've designed 2, spectacular, 3 hour workshops that will set you off in very much the right direction. You'll be getting the benefit of one of the HSA's

most experienced and enthusiastic Life Drawing tutors

(and founder of the school) - Jo Harris.

The Workshops cover everything you need to know to get going and find your own drawing style - including: 

LIFE DRAWING (£42.50):

The art of the super-fast, 'warm up' drawing

How to avoid 'leaving the feet off'


The art of the long drawing (how not to overwork it)

How to draw the tricky features (faces & hands)

and so much more...


How to draw a face

Understanding where the features sit in relation to each other

Finding a likeness

How to draw hair

And more...