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Galapagos Islands Safari

From Blue-Footed Boobies to Marine Iguanas, Penguins to Albatross, we're bringing it all to your screens in this joyful safari around the islands extraordinary fauna!

Galapagos Islands Safari
Galapagos Islands Safari

Time & Location

26 Feb 2021, 19:00 – 21:00 GMT

Online Zoom Event

About the Event

This event has had to be reschudled to the following two dates:

Wednesday 10th March, 7pm - 9pm

Friday 2nd April (Good Friday), 7pm - 9pm

Huge aplogies for the inconvenience

Please go back to our events page to book on either of these two dates.

Well, if ever there was a place to enjoy extraordinary and unique wildlife, it's the Galapagos Islands and that's exactly where this Online Animal Life Drawing session is going to transport you to!

As if drawing the truly bonkers blue-footed boobies, and the charasmatic sea lions isn't enough, this is a FEEL GOOD drawing session with HALF of all ticket sales going to the wonderful PAN ANIMALIA charity.

Pan Animalia is a group of vets who work tirelessly to contribute to the conservation of the endemic wildlife of the Galapagos through the management of the domesticated animals’ population, health, and welfare to prevent competition, predation, and infectious disease transmission. One of the most serious threats to island wildlife is from the impact of invasive domesticated species, so the work they are doing is really making a difference and HSA are delighted to be able to support this charity. 

Please note - although these sessions are essentially UNGUIDED, our tutor Holly will be suggesting exercises with timed footage - these can be completely ignored or you can join in to give yourself a creative stretch!  If you'd rather not listen to any of the talking you can put Holly on mute as all of the poses have a timer clock and you can see the length of each filmed/still section.

What to bring: as these aren't tutored sessions, you can draw with whatever takes your fancy!  We do strongly suggest bringing LOTS OF PAPER - although there will most certainly be longer sections of footage/stills later on in the session, the warm up sections can be very quick and a LOT of them!  You'll want to be able to move quickly, it's a fun packed, fast paced activity - sadly we just can't make those animals stay still for too long!




Due to an extremely small admin team, the time it takes up and the financial difficulty it causes the HSA, we are unable to offer refunds or replacements for orders made in error or a changed mind. Please make sure you check the date BEFORE placing the order.

We are unable to offer refunds or replacements for forgotten/missed sessions which are the responsibility of the purchaser.

In the extremely rare case where a refund is issued there will be a service charge taken for our time and the payment/booking charges we have incurred.

If it's our fault:

If you're unable to attend the session through a mishap/error on our part, we will make sure you are provided with a link to the recording (if one is made) that will be uploaded to our website after the session has run - or a voucher to attend any forthcoming sessions of the same type - alternatively we will issue a refund - please let us know if that's the case.

The income from the events is used to pay for our brilliant tutors, models & photographers, the rent on our studio and of course to pay the salaries of the hard working folk behind the scenes who put all our workshops and events on.

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