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Online Unguided Portrait Drawing - Nasim

Online Unguided Portrait Drawing - Nasim
Online Unguided Portrait Drawing - Nasim

Time & Location

03 May 2023, 19:00 – 21:00 BST

Online Zoom Event

About the Event

Our glorious Model: Nasim

Welcome to our Unguided Online Portrait Drawing session.  

As you may know, we run weekly Life Drawing sessions (click here for more info) and so often the star of the show (other than our spectuacular model) is the lovely long PORTRAIT POSES. It seems crazy not to offer our glorious artists (that's you) the opportunity to draw, study and practice drawing extraordinary faces, also to connect with other like minded people and just have a bit of fun!  

ANYONE can do it, all degrees of skill - maybe you've been too nervous to give it a go in real life?  Now is your chance to have a go in the comfort of your own home and the best thing about Portrait Drawing on Zoom is that we can get REALLY close to the model!

We're lucky to be in contact with some truly extraordinary, professional Life Models, from all over the world, who have made the online leap with relative ease, setting up some great backdrops and lighting in their own homes.  We'll be following a pretty typical pattern for the sessions: shorter warm ups followed by some longer poses with a break in between.

All you need to do is download the Zoom app, then you can be drawing to your hearts content for 2 whole hours with one of our amazing live models.  Zoom is free and it's really pretty easy to navigate, it's being used the world over for meetings, online yoga sessions, guitar lessons and of course ART CLASSES!

Once you have paid for this session, you will get an email from us with very clear and easy to follow instructions on how to join in. You can join in alone, you can arrange to virtually 'meet up' with friends & family or you can make friends with the lovely people who are also drawing on the day. You’ll need a computer or tablet with good internet connection.

What to expect:

You will be able to see all the other artists drawing, but their screens will be small so once you get going, you don’t even notice them - much like being in the studio with other artists - the model’s screen will be large and central.  At the beginning, end and in the break everyone will be able to communicate and say hello to each other, but during the session all microphones will be muted apart from mine and the models. If you have anyproblems / suggestions during the session you can unmute yourself or type me a message in the ‘chat’ box.

As with our studio sessions, we’ll start with several quick, warm up poses followed by some longer ones and there will be a 10 minute break in between - this will usually be around 8pm.

Please Note: Screen-grabbing, photographing or recording of this session (in any way) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED 🚫 Please respect the trust of the model.

You will need to show your face at the beginning of the session - this is to make sure that you don’t have camera equipment set up, that you are not underage and that you are genuinely an artist. Just to reiterate - Please make sure your video is on at the beginning anyone who doesn’t will have to be removed from the session and that would be just horrible.

What else will you need?

Something to draw with

(anything from a good old fashioned pencil, charcoal, pen, crayons, colour pencils, pastels, ink or paints!)

Paper (loose sheets or sketchbook)

A nice glass of wine (optional)

Duration: 2 hours

We are based in the UK and are currently in the 'British Summer Time' (BST) time zone.

NY: 2pm - 4pm

LA: 11pm - 1pm

Indiana: 2pm - 4pm

Chicago: 1pm - 3pm

Denver: 12pm - 2pm

Buenos Aires: 3pm - 5pm

Portugal: 7pm - 9pm

Denmark: 8pm - 10pm

Paris: 8pm - 10pm

Berlin: 8pm - 10pm

Salzburg: 8pm - 10pm

Brussels: 8 - 10pm

If you would like your time zone listed, please do let me know.

There will be no nudity in these sessions so all age groups are most welcome!

If you have to miss this session:


Due to an extremely small admin team (of 1), the time it takes up and the financial difficulty it causes the HSA (we are charged a percentage for each transaction received AND refunded), we are unable to offer refunds or replacements for orders made in error/changed mind/other. Please be aware you place an order at your own risk and also please make sure you double check the date BEFORE placing the order. We understand that to you it’s ‘only one person’, but we get asked often and it makes running these sessions very difficult without this policy in place.

We are unable to offer refunds or replacements for forgotten/missed sessions which are not the responsibility of the school.  We can run a session only if we know we have a certain amount of attendees - if an attendee changes their mind /forgets/is forced to miss it - that can throw the session for not only the tutor/model, but also for all the other people who have paid to attend - it also creates a lot of extra admin for the organiser.

In the extremely rare case where a refund is issued there will be a 25% service charge taken for our time and the payment/booking charges we have incurred.


If you're unable to attend the session through a mishap/error on our part, we will make sure you are provided with a link to the recording (if one is made) that will be uploaded to our website after the session has run - or a voucher to attend any forthcoming sessions of the same type - alternatively we will issue a refund - please let us know if that's the case.

Please understand, we have to put these terms and conditions in place to safeguard our business, we make no profit from it - the income from the events is used to pay all charges for Zoom/payment services/website/web-hosting/newsletter services/bank charges etc. (which all really adds up) also for our brilliant tutors, models & photographers and of course to pay the salaries of the hard working folk behind the scenes who put all our workshops and events on.


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