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Hi! I’m Kate and I’m really excited to be a part of the Kid’s Club at the HSA.


I’ve been an Art Tutor since 2006 and particularly enjoy teaching creative, imaginative young minds. I started my own Children’s Art Club business a little while back, which ended up being so successful I was able to then franchise it across the UK and Ireland.  These creative sessions provided art workshops in local communities and primary schools for children aged 2-13 years and it was something I absolutely loved doing.  After having my own children I sold my business to concentrate on family life for a while, but am now more than ready and raring to go at the Henley School of Art! 

I have a huge passion for nurturing children’s self expression, creative thinking and imagination. My aim is always to enable experimentation and exploration of various art materials and media.  Self-esteem and confidence soar as the children learn new skills and techniques - bursting with pride at what they've created whilst making new friendships and having lots of fun in the process!

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