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Lily Rossiter

Hi I’m Lily


An illustrator and ceramicist and all time lover of patterns and picture books, represented by The Bright Illustration Agency.


Since graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2012 I have worked with clients including Kleenex, The London Coffee Project, Wessex Scene, Epilepsy Society, Health Town along with creating wedding invites, cards and illustrated poems for personal clients. I’ve exhibited work in London, New York, Winchester, Oxford and sell both locally and internationally as an illustrator and ceramicist.


On top of all the drawing and clay, I have been the artist in residence at Pickled Pepper Books in trendy North London, which is also where I’ve been teaching a Young Illustrators class for the last 2 years, both during term time and running holiday workshops. This then led to teaching art in a North London prep school, running Messy Mornings at The Bright Emporium, and setting up my own creative workshops along with tutoring art privately.


My work is naive and quirky with a charming, playful twist. I work with paper cut outs, pencils, crayons and am never seen without a sketchbook! Inspiration comes in the for of EVERYTHING from a scrap of card, to the weather, a snippet of conversation, a funny thought, grey buildings to the beautiful countryside, even a smudge of coffee on the table and everything in between!


I truly believe that everyone can draw, and that no one is too young or too old to pick up a pencil, crayon, paintbrush or pen to experiment, play but mainly to have fun!


Hope to see you soon!






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