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Lynne is an incredibly passionate creative.


Since putting her money where her mouth is and appearing on BBC2s ‘Great Interior Design Challenge’, her creative drive has ignited and she has never looked back. Her work has appeared in several magazines, books and TV shows including 'George Clarke's Amazing Spaces: Floating Homes', Gok Wan's ‘Fill Your House For Free’ and her home is regularly featured on film and television projects thanks to her keen eye for design and styling.

Lynne is also hugely passionate about the environment, particularly educating people how to make the most of what they already have and teaching the young how to live sustainably.  She runs her hugely popular workshops and events as the 'Warriors on Waste', holding regular upcycling projects for kids (and adults) with a main focus on upcycling everyday rubbish or outdated items that would normally be thrown away. #trashtotreasure.


She's never happier than when she is inspiring people to be creative, as well as sustainable, in their homes. This year (2020) Lynne is again designing and building a show garden for The Ideal Home Show to inspire others to live a more sustainable life.  She'll be combining her passion for gardening, upcycling as well as styling and interiors - there's no stopping her!





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