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We, at the HSA, understand that sometimes it can be hard to choose a gift for people - it's not always easy to guess what them might really like - they may already have one, or they must just not like that colour!


Sometimes it's just nice to give someone a more interesting gift - something they can experience or even something that starts them off in a new, creative direction.

That's why we have our Gift Vouchers for all our Workshops and Courses!

Whether it's for yourself or someone else - these vouchers have no 'use by' date, so they can be used for any of our online sessions or kept aside until we can all get back into our joyous studio once again!

One thing that's changed, as all of our booking is now online, we won't be sending out an actual voucher, instead you will receive a unique code for the recipient to use.

Sounds like a good idea? Have a look below to see which one suits you best:

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