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How many times have you seen the work of an Artist you admire and just longed to know HOW they do what they do?

Whether you have been working as an Artist all your life or are just starting out - you never get tired of learning, listening and watching creativity unfold - and there's nothing more rewarding then being let into the pure alchemy of another Artist at work.

Welcome to the Masterclass Sessions - a fortnightly 'draw-along' event featuring some of the best, most interesting, wildest and most skilled Life Drawing Artists out there today.  The format is simple - we will be watching each artist at work, over zoom. You will be able to see both the model and the artist's drawing board/tablet - you can just revel in it all, watch and soak all that wisdom in, or you can indulge and draw along at the same time.  I will be on hand to ask our artists any questions you have and quite a few of my own!  We'll be looking at materials, technique, inspiration and top tips to get us motivated!

We hope you love these sessions, the accumulation of talent and skill coming up is enough to make you dizzy - oh, but what a ride!! See below for our upcoming artists...

Masterclass Session with  Illustrator Emma Collins
27 Sept 2021, 19:00 BST
Online Zoom Event

Peruse the Gallery bellow for more of Emma's work, just click on the arrows to scroll...