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Well, to start with, when you think of a school you think of LOTS of lovely staff and, at the very least, some sort of reception.  Really we're a small, but perfect, Art Studio in the centre of Henley and there are actually only two of us who run it!

Jo Harris, (that's me) started the school as a Life Drawing School, teaching out of the Remenham Parish Hall, back in 2013. After a few years, the classes were growing too big and it became clear that the school needed its own Studio. As luck would have it, the world's most ideal teaching space became available and Jo (I) moved in to the studio at 30c Hart Street and made it my own.  The Studio is based in the centre of Henley and is exceptionally beautiful, I was going to need to put more classes on to pay the rent, so I started to invite some of the very best artists in the area to come and join the team...


The Henley School of Art was born.


3 glorious, sometimes difficult, but very rewarding years went by; hundreds of students came through the doors and our thriving creative community had begun to expand - then the dreaded Coronavirus struck.  Shutting the school was a very difficult thing to have to do; we were given some financial aid and our lovely Landlord was on our side too, but the Studio still needed to be paid for (even at a reduced rate) and we had a mountain of refunds to pay out - without any income it was looking pretty dire. I started to trial some online, unguided Life Drawing sessions, finding models from all over the world and it picked up enough momentum to make things  feel a little less desperate.  There was one artist, whose name I knew as a brilliant local Illustrator, who came to every online session and we soon became friends.  When I put the call out to see if anyone fancied sharing the studio, this artist jumped on board and that was how the fabulous Holly Surplice became a very welcome Assistant Director of the School.

We don't know what the future holds, nobody does, but both Holly and I are intent on making sure we can still provide the best in creative outlets that we possibly can.  This may be online for the time being, but the minute we feel it's ok to get back into our beloved Studio to teach, you can bet your boots we will be doing just that.

If you're interested in the tutors we normally have teaching at the studio (including ourselves) - please have a look below...




 Illustrator, Life Drawing Tutor & Director of the School

Jo is in her 6th year as the Director of the Henley School of Art and had 3 years running the Henley School of Life Drawing before that.  Jo began Life Drawing over 25 years ago and her passion for it (and art in all it's forms) is evident in her enthusiasm for teaching - she regularly teaches Life Drawing classes and Workshops. 

To Learn more about Jo, click HERE



Printmaker & Printing Tutor

Cath has been working & exhibiting, both locally and nationally, for just over 15 years. Her inspiration comes from all over the place; a headline in a newspaper, an overheard conversation, a line in a book or even something said by one of her children. 


To read more about Cath, click HERE



Printmaker & Printing Tutor

Ceira is a Textile Designer and Printmaker, recently graduating from Winchester School of Art with an MA in Textile design. Her work explores texture, colour and tactility. Ceira often combines different techniques such as collage, printmaking and digital processes to create striking prints and patterns.


To Learn more about Ceira, click HERE



Watercolour Artist & Watercolour Tutor

Emma is a Henley based Watercolour Artist who has a very direct & colourful style & works exclusively with Japanese specialist watercolours. Emma has been professionally trained in gilding & often incorporates passages of real gold leaf in her work. 


To read more about Emma, click HERE



Mosaic Artist & Mosaics Tutor

Fiona has, over the last 10 years, developed a mosaic making business - designing and creating everything from large scale public work to jewellery.  She teaches regular workshops and continues to rummage for broken pots and take on new design challenges.


To read more about Fiona, click HERE



Textiles Artist & Textiles Tutor

Harriet is a Textile Performance Artist.  She grew up in Oxfordshire & travels the world with her sewing machine pitching up in challenging locations from the slums of Nairobi to the tea fields of the Himalayas. Through free motion embroidery she captures her surrounding environment & the people she meets.Adventure & interaction are key elements to each piece of Harriet’s work. Behind every ‘stitch’ lies a narrative of the people, place & culture. 


To Learn more about Harriet, click HERE



Florist & Floristry Tutor

Jo is an Artisan Florist (working under the name: Floral Circus) combining a background in theatre and event design with a love and understanding of garden-grown flowers to create creative floristry and wreath-making workshops.


To read more about Jo, click HERE



Painter, Fine Artist, Painting & Drawing Tutor

Jonathan Newey is an award winning artist who lives and works in Reading. He comes from a strong artistic background and is a 4th generation artist. He works in a variety of mediums and subjects including paintings in acrylic, watercolour and sketches with pen, watercolour and watercolour pencil.


To learn more about Jonathan, click HERE



Professional Photographer, Photography Tutor

Kathryn is an award-winning Photographer living in Sonning Common - she's been taking photos since she was a teenager, runs an extremely successful Photography business and now leads sell-out courses in how to get the very best out of your SLR camera, understanding light and how to frame that perfect shot. 


To Learn more about Kathryn, click HERE



Printmaker & Printmaking Tutor

Liam is an experienced and passionate Fine Art Printmaker with a wealth of experience in all printmaking techniques.


To read more about Liam, click HERE



Calligraphy Artist & Calligraphy Tutor

Louise discovered her passion for modern calligraphy 4 years ago, and hasn’t put her nib down since. Trained in graphic design – with a love for typography – calligraphy was the natural next step in her career - she is delighted to share her passion with other creatives, or those who just want to try something new! 


To read more about Louise, click HERE



Paper Marbling Tutor

Lucy McGrath is one of just a handful of paper marblers left in the UK. She started her business Marmor Paperie in 2015 with a mission to breathe new life into the endangered craft. Lucy’s marbling is characterised by a fresh, contemporary colour palette and patterns that celebrate the chaotic qualities of marbling and her mission is to pass her knowledge on and keep this wonderful art alive!  


To read more about Lucy, click HERE



Jeweller & Jewellery tutor

Machi is a Designer, Jeweller and Jewellery Tutor. Jewellery has been a full time pursuit since early 2007, with work being shown at galleries, fairs and exhibitions. She combines her studio practice with teaching, having taught jewellery making for over ten years at various locations in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.


To read more about Machi, click HERE



Multi Media & Fine Artist, Multi Media Tutor, Portfolio Prep Tutor

Nicky trained as a Graphic Designer & Illustrator & now makes her own mixed media work in relation to her continual ‘conversation with the natural world’.  Nicky really enjoys helping people to understand & analyse their own work, to reach their potential and to immerse themselves in their own creative processes. 


To Learn more about Nicky, click HERE

RClare sml.jpg


Screenprint artist & Screenprint Tutor

Roseanna Clare is the one woman band behind Squeeze Print Studio.  Always drawn towards printmaking at School & College, Roseanna ended up specialising in it whilst at Winchester School of Art studying for her degree. She now has a small studio on the Thames next to her boat, where she gets to create her own work alongside artwork and commissions for clients.  


To Learn more about Roseanna, click HERE



Candlemaker & Candle-making Tutor

Candle-making since 2016, Ruth is passionate about creating all-natural candles that are free from petroleum based wax and synthetic fragrance. She loves creating new and seasonal blends, from zingy scents that will put a spring in your step to soothing aromas to bring calm at the end of a busy day.


To read more about Ruth, just click HERE



Professional Photographers & Photography Tutors

Scarlet & Charlotte both have highly successful careers spanning nearly 3 decades in the photography industry. Between them they have photographed subjects such as Her Majesty The Queen, as well as Rock Royalty, Sir Paul McCartney. They have been teaching together locally for the last 2 years sharing their passion & experience for the medium of photography & now we get the benefit of their expertise at the Henley School of Art!


To read more about Scarlet & Charlotte, click HERE

shauna - henley (2).jpg


Fine Artist & Painting Tutor

Shauna is a professional artist who has a BA (hons) in Fine Art, with a particular passion for painting seas and skies.  Teaching for over 23 years, Shauna works mostly in oils using palette knives to achieve the texture and fluidity of the natural environment.  Recently she's been working on private commissions as well as building work for future exhibitions. 


To Learn more about Shauna, click HERE



Jeweller & Jewellery Tutor

​Wendy Penrose’s jewellery is inspired by the richness of form and texture found in nature. Each piece is handcrafted from precious metal and gemstones in her workshop near Henley on Thames. In addition to selling her work thorough selected galleries and art shows across the country, Wendy also creates one-of-a-kind designs on a commission basis. During quieter times of year she likes to share her passion for making and teaches jewellery making with silver clay.


To read more about Wendy, click HERE

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